/ Svenska kyrkan i Florida



The Church of Sweden is an Evangelical Lutheran Church with 6.1 million members Worldwide. The Swedish Church of Florida, a non-profit organization was established in 2009 and is one of 45 Swedish Churches abroad that offers religious, cultural and social home for the Swedish community in Florida.


Approximately 7 million Swedes travel abroad every year and due to the increasing globalization, many Swedes live abroad. The Church presence is very important for the local Swedish Community, visitors and tourists.  The Church provides a safe haven and a feeling of being “home away from home" where Swedish language is spoken, culture and traditions are kept alive.


In time of crisis the Swedish Church staff and volunteers work diligently to provide counseling and support. Our duty is to be present when and where we are needed, in sorrow and happiness.


The Church’s has regular services at the Scandinavian Center in Davie and at the Congregational Church in Boca Raton, the Church also provides important assistance to the Swedish citizens, organizing support groups, book clubs, children’s groups, and other events that supports the swedish culture.